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"Tio estas cirklo, ne kvadrato!"

Translation:That is a circle, not a square!

January 5, 2016



Sceno el la venontan Esperantan version de "Sesame Street"


Mi spektus tion.


Do, kvadrato estas angle "square," sed kio estas la Esperanta vorto por la angla "quadrilateral"?


Kvarlatero, kvankam kvarangulo ankaŭ funkcias.


Is kvadrato a combination of other words or is it just a coincidence that it looks like "four wire"?


Ooh, pun damage! Well done, sir.

"Four wire" would be Kvar drato, but you still get the pun points. (enough pun points get you a lingot) Kvadrat~ has the root meaning "square." At least according to my dictionaries.

It also has the mathematical meanings which "square" has in English. 4^2 = 16 Four squared equals sixteen: kvadrata kvar estas dekses.



When I read it I got "Quadralateral" so I read it as "A four sided shape" which made me think "Wait... But how do you say rectangle then? Or should this be something like egalan flankon kvadraton?

I haven't gotten there yet but if Triangle is Tridrato and Hexagon is Sesdrato I'm going to be very pleased with this way of naming things.

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