"You are not a child."

Translation:Nie jesteś dzieckiem.

January 5, 2016



Can someone please explain this '-iem' ending to me...

January 5, 2016


In this sentence you have to use the instrumental case: "dziecko" (nominatve) becomes "dzieckiem" (instrumental), see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dziecko for a full declension table.

January 5, 2016


Out of interest, I tried 'jesteście' instead of the informal. It was classed as a wrong answer. Does this mean, if talking to a royal child, for example, the informal jesteś would be used?

August 13, 2016


no. but "jesteście" is informal too, (adressing more than one person),

If you want to be formal, you use different structure, based on third person. Usually that would be "Pan/Pani/Państwo", but with royal child perhaps "książę"=prince , so "Książę jest dzieckiem".

August 14, 2016
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