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After finishing the Danish tree, what's next?

So I finished the Danish tree some while ago and have been working on maintaining this and dabbling in some other languages. However I'd really like to continue with Danish and take it as far as I can but I'm unsure where to go from here. I watch some TV and films, but I'm having trouble coming across books to practise from.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

January 5, 2016



It is really good that you are watching some TV and films! Personally, for me Duolingo is/was number one! However, when you have completed the tree and it is only a revision left, I find it rather useful to expand my Danish vocabulary even more and outside Duolingo. Sometimes reading news or watching films was too difficult for me, so I started expanding my vocabulary on Memrise. I know the courses there aren't up to the highest standards and most of them are without sound, but I found couple of them that are excellent!

Here are some of the best courses, if you want to try Memrise:


I had the same situation as yours, so I googled some TV-series, radio stations and television streamings in danish. Here is what I found:

TV Series: Broen: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1733785/

TV & Radio Stations: DR programs: https://www.dr.dk/tv/live/dr1 (not the live tv, if you are outside Denmark) DR.dk Radio: http://www.dr.dk/radio/ (very useful for pronunciation)

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If you want some practice speaking Danish, we have a group on Slack (text based) and have voice chats every Saturday at 21:00 UTC/GMT (and occasionally some other times if people are up for it) on TeamSpeak.

Here is the link for the Slack group invite (your email can be seen by other group members, so if you don't want it to be shown, you can use an alternative one provided you can access it): http://danishduolingo.herokuapp.com/

Edit: The invite link has been fixed now


Thanks I think I'll give that a shot, reading is pretty instinctual but translating into Danish is definitely a weak point so should be fun!


I found a Belgian friend here on Duo who was willing to help me with Dutch. She expects me to write something to her in Dutch, every day if I want, and then she corrects it and explains everything to me in Dutch. We get into real conversations and it's making me learn way faster. Maybe you can find a Danish friend here and do the same.


Native Dane here :) I would be up for something like this ^^,


Mine bedsteforældre var danskere och min mand er svensk.


Search people you know at the Danish Wikipedia (helped me with dutch)


I found different webpages with free Danish children books..

The first one is called "Læsbøgeronline": http://xn--lsbgeronline-6cb8w.dk/

Another webpage here: https://gratisborneboger.wordpress.com/

And a last webpage: http://familieforlaget.dk/gratis-ipad-b%C3%B8ger


I saw there are also assignments you could take on to improve your writing skills https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9329908


As far as books are concerned, check out Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard.


I highly recommend checking out lang-8 or italki. They are great websites for connecting with native speakers and practicing writing and speaking skills.


I almost said the same thing #MissThorson. :)

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