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"Actually, I love you very much."

Translation:Aslında ben seni çok seviyorum.

January 6, 2016



I wrote 'Ben seni aslında çok seviyorum' but was marked as wrong. How does the location of 'aslında' change the sentence?


That is just because it is difficult to add the sometimes thousands of translations manually and some slip through. It is accepted now :)


OK, thanks. But does it change the meaning at all, even somewhat? Does 'aslında' perhaps place more emphasis on 'you' the way I wrote it? In English, for example, if you write 'Only' in the sentence 'I love you,' it changes the meaning somewhat. Note the difference between 'Only I love you' versus 'I love only you.'


"Actually, I love you very much." Translation: Aslında ben seni çok seviyorum.


Aslında, seni çok severim.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

Gel bu hayat seninle güzel. Ömür boyu bekledim. Masal yaşat bana. Yer etmesin acılar. Gelinir, gidilir, sevilir. Bu aşkın yolu belli. Hayal ettim seni.

Beni sev, beni sev. Beni sev, yoluna yoluna. Delirdim uğruna.

Uğruna --> "for her sake."

Aşk uğruna --> "for the sake of love."

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