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"Questo albergo non offre il pranzo."

Translation:This hotel does not serve lunch.

December 14, 2013



questo albergo is not same as quest'albergo ?


I do agree with you ! It should be accepted...according to me...


Is there a reason why Duolingo prefers "questo albergo" but "quest'automobile" ...


I don't know, because I am still so very much a beginner, but I have a feeling that the customary elisions may also reflect a preference for a "euphonic italian rhythm" for certain phrases and word groupings. Italian words have usually one or more heavily accented syllables, which is one of the reasons we say that it is so musical to the ear. But when certain word groupings butt up against each other, and the syllabic stresses are non fluid and non euphonic, then elisions are almost "sought out" especially where the elision of certain vowel combinations can facilitate the euphonic rhythm of Italian speech. I could be very far off base in this observation or not so much, and I would appreviste hearing from the helpful, knowledegible experts out there.


Excuse the typos, per favore!


This sounds reasonable, thanks, but difficult to learn!!


Can anyone explain why it is "questo albergo and questo orologio" and not quest'albergo or quest'orologio" etc.? If there is a specific rule for that, I havn't come across yet. Please help !


why not This hotel does not offer lunch?


So why does "this hotel does not offer lunch" not count when the drop-downs on "offre" are "(you) offer", "(you)offer itself" (?) and "(he/she/it) presents"


Shouldn't it be "Quest'albergo" for better elision?

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