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Lost my 52 day streak - something fishy going on.

I was on a 52 day streak, and I had purchased the Streak Freeze item from the shop. Yesterday I was away all day, but I trusted in the freeze to help me. Today, training, I get notified that I am on a one day streak. Dafuk? I went to the site again, as you can't really see it in the app, and right - my streak was lost and apparently I don't have the streak freeze item any more. I don't understand what happened? Could someone from Duo please check if something went wrong? The oter day I got an daily reminder message telling me to continue my 2 day streak - and when I checked the website it said 51 days - so something must have gone wrong introducing the coach. Please restore my streak Duo.

December 14, 2013



There seem to be two holes in your streak, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday. Is it possible that your streak freeze was used earlier than you expected?


Possibly, though I am pretty sure this was the first time I did not train. I may be wrong though.


Maybe Duo should implement an email reminder that is triggered when the streak freeze has been used. That way, a user will not miss the opportunity to purchase a new freeze. I am a bit bummed that I lost my streak - as I was not aware that the freeze had been used for some reason.

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