"I am an engineer by profession."

Translation:Z zawodu jestem inżynierem.

January 6, 2016

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Why does "jestem innzynierem z zawodu" not work?


You misspelled 'inżynierem'. Other than that it's correct.


duo took away a <3 -- they said: "Z zawodu jestem inżynierem" -- I know in PL switching around like this is totally acceptable. I was really confident I was right.


1) not all possible good answers are included , it's in beta and also PL->EN still doesn't have all of them 2) for some reason if you misspell the sentence DUO wants it sees at as spelling mistake, but often when you misspell other possible accepted answers it marks it as wrong . But "jestem inżynierem z zawodu" is correct polish sentence


Exception? Two Zs together? Nie ze zawodu?


Yes, it's not a problem, you pronounce it as a longer "z".

There would be a problem if the second 'z' was followed by another consonant.


Is "zawodu" because of accusative?


would "mój zawód to inżynier" be correct?


Firstly, I had doubts whether it's even grammatically correct, but there are some results in the corpus, so it seems to be okay, although rather rare.

However, it's just a very different sentence, too different to accept as a translation.


Doesn't Z = with and doesn't z take the instrumental?


There are at least two major meanings of "z". You listed one, the other is "z" + Genitive meaning "from" or "out of". The example here may not translate to either "from" or "out of", but grammatically it's still the same thing.


Z zawodu ja jestem inżynierem. Czy to błąd? Dlaczego?


To tak jakby po angielsku powiedzieć "By profession, I am an engineer". Dlaczego podkreślamy "ja"? To dziwne umiejscowienie tego zaimka w zdaniu.

It's as if in English you'd say "By profession, I am an engineer". Why would we stress "I"? That's quite an odd placement of the subject pronoun in the sentence.

Basically, if you decide to put the subject pronoun explicitly, then it really rarely ends up in another place than the very beginning.


I wasn't paying much attention and I typed "Na zawodu jestem inżynierem" and it was accepted, then I looked at the starred answer and it's "Z zawodu". How is my answer correct and which one sounds more natural?


Such an answer is ungrammatical and shouldn't have been accepted. Not even as a typo.


Is "inżynierą" the valid equivalent word for a female engineer? Or do you still use inżynierem?


If anything, then "inżynierką". Perhaps it may be slowly getting more popular (Polish was already full of feminatives, and more are being created and entering the language), but a few years ago when many of my (women) friends graduated from engineering studies, none of them wrote "Jestem inżynierką!" on Facebook, they would all use "Jestem inżynierem!".

"inżynierka" is a common 'unofficial' name for the engineering thesis, which is one of the reasons that "inżynierka" used for a person isn't that popular.


Thanks! Everything you said makes sense.

My bad about missing the 'k'. For some reason I seem to struggle to remember with professions in Instrumental that it's not just an 'ą' ending but also the root word is commonly different with the 'k'.

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