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"I am an engineer by profession."

Translation:Z zawodu jestem inżynierem.

January 6, 2016



Exception? Two Zs together? Nie ze zawodu?


Yes, it's not a problem, you pronounce it as a longer "z".

There would be a problem if the second 'z' was followed by another consonant.


Why does "jestem innzynierem z zawodu" not work?


You misspelled 'inżynierem'. Other than that it's correct.


duo took away a <3 -- they said: "Z zawodu jestem inżynierem" -- I know in PL switching around like this is totally acceptable. I was really confident I was right.


1) not all possible good answers are included , it's in beta and also PL->EN still doesn't have all of them 2) for some reason if you misspell the sentence DUO wants it sees at as spelling mistake, but often when you misspell other possible accepted answers it marks it as wrong . But "jestem inżynierem z zawodu" is correct polish sentence


So i thought about how i wanted to say this and came up with "mój zawód to inżynier" I understand why this was flagged as wrong (meaning is basically the same but the translation doesn't match). I just want to verify that this is a correct, usable construct.


I don't know if it's wrong, but it's at least unusual. When I googled "Mój zawód to", most results are like "My profession is my future" or "My profession is my passion". Also "My profession is doing this and that".


Is "zawodu" because of accusative?


would "mój zawód to inżynier" be correct?


Firstly, I had doubts whether it's even grammatically correct, but there are some results in the corpus, so it seems to be okay, although rather rare.

However, it's just a very different sentence, too different to accept as a translation.

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