"Jej bluza jest kolorowa."

Translation:Her sweatshirt is colorful.

January 6, 2016

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I keep wanting to say blouse when I see bluza


Why it was accepted: jej bluza jest kolorowe . Corect: jej bluza jest kolorowa


"jej bluza jest kolorowe" should have been rejected. If it was accepted for you, that's a problem, but we'd need to see a screenshot.


Please don't tell me how to spell an English word! Colourful is the ENIGLISH spelling.


And ENIGLISH is what spelling?


To be more accurate, it's the British English spelling, but it's just an oversight. Duo usually accepts British forms, but occasionally one slips through. You just need to report it.


Usually, the British equivalents are accepted automatically by the system. This also works, although I don't know if it worked a year ago.


Her sweatshirt is colorful - Jej bluza (dresowa/sportowa) jest kolorowa

sweatsuit (sweatshirt and sweatpants) - dresy (bluza i spodnie dresowe)

sweatshirt - bluza dresowa, od dresów, sportowa
sweatpants - spodnie dresowe, od dresów, sportowe


Is 'jej' here a pronoun in the genitive case as it indicates possession of the object?


For a longer moment, I had a problem realizing what case is 'jej' here. Given the fact that it doesn't undergo declension.

But actually, imagine that it's not 'her sweatshirt' but 'my sweatshirt'. And then you can easily see that it's simply the subject of the sentence, so it would be Nominative "Moja bluza". So 'jej' is Nominative here.


But can't "bluza" be also translated as blouse? http://en.bab.la/dictionary/polish-english/bluza


Not really, a blouse is rather a woman's garment which in Polish is rather "bluzka". So it's rather a false friend. Technically it may overlap in some part, but rather not much...

Actually when I used Google Graphics, I was surprised to find mostly Indian-style clothes...


She sounds so condescending when you click on the turtle


Pullover v Sweatshirt .... oh come on!

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