"We often go to the museum."

Translation:Często chodzimy do muzeum.

January 6, 2016

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can i say idziemy?


It is possible that in some context, probably as a part of longer sentence it could work. Using "idziemy" in the same sentence as "często" is unusual.


thank you very much!


What is unusual about it?


At the moment I can't even imagine a situation where it would be correct.


chodzimy is 'to walk' Idziemy is 'to go' Confusing for me


"chodzimy" can translate to "we walk" or "we go", if we go on foot.

"idziemy" can translate to "we are walking" or "we are going", if we are going on foot. Sometimes also when the vehicle we use is totally irrelevant.

"chodzimy" can also translated into "we are walking" (but NOT going) if it's without any destination. Therefore, not here, as we have a destination.

Yes, this is confusing and difficult, I won't pretend otherwise. Anyway, maybe this will help: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-verbs-of-motion/


What about jeździmy/jedziemy?


'jeździmy' works. But it's like "technically it works". In fact... it sounds rather strange.

If you go to the museum often, what's important is that you go around the exhibitions and look at the exhibits. The fact that you went there by car or by bus is totally irrelevant. It seems strange to mention it. In a way "chodzimy" here is more like "We often attend the museum". Or even 'visit'.


This is really the most annoying thing I've come across so far in Polish.


Is it actually wrong to say CHODZIMY CZESTO...?


Sounds fine, just less neutral, as if you were asked "So what do you like to do in your free time". Added.

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Why do muzeum, but na lotnisko?


The rule of thumb is that closed spaces use "do" + Genitive, and open spaces use "na" + Accusative, but it's a very general rule with many exceptions, so in fact... some of those you will just have to learn.

Some examples from the top of my head: "do lasu" (to the forest), "do parku" (to the park), but "na pocztę" (to the post office).

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