"Jej wino jest dobre."

Translation:Her wine is good.

January 6, 2016

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Obviously my sentence "Her wine is fine" is even better than "Her wine is good". 1.Good = fine 2.Fine rhymes with wine

Point proven.


What case is "jej" in this sentence? Thanks!


It is Nominative, but you can tell only from the case "wino" has, and the function they have in sentence- subject. "Jej" does not change with cases, ("jego" -his, its and "ich"-their also do not change )


Isn't "ona" nominative? Hints say that "jej" is genetive and dative.


Everything you've written here is right.

But here, "jej" simply means "her", and the subject is "her wine".


I'm so confused(maybe,just maybe the most confused I've been since I started learning Polish).Isnt ona nominative?I haven't seen in any notes/tips/tables where jej can be used as nominative.

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    The way I see it, the nominative case noun is the two words together "jej + wino". If you see it like that then you can perfectly see "jej" like just a pronoun and not the noun of the whole sentence. Particularly, "jej" would be the word that indicates who the owner of that "wino" is. So, keep in mind that "jej wino" is the whole noun. But "jej" is just there to tell something about the nature of the "wino". Of course "ona" is nominative (as far as I can tell) but that does not have anything to do with this sentence. Remember, you are not looking for the declesion of "she" or "ona", instead for the declesion of "her wine" which in this case is "jej wino". Hope you can find this helpful


    Does 'dobre' also mean 'kind'? In Ukrainian it's both 'good' and 'kind'.


    I do not know for sure, but let's translate a dictionary :

    1) dobry pracownik - a good worker - The one that is just like they should be or are expected to be and thus positively seen/graded./judged by the speaker

    2) dobry uniwersytet, dobry ród a good university, a good family/house - the one that is high quality or is high in hierarhy

    3a) dobry człowiek - good man/human/person - the one that is kind/friendly, acts fairly and justly

    3b) dobry charakter- good character/personality/nature - the one that is characteristic for the person that is kind/friendly, acts fairly and justly

    4 dobry znajomy - good acquaintance ( good mate) - one that you are in close relationship

    5 dobry okres - good period (of time) - one in that has more positive aspects

    6) dobra opinia - good opinion/reputation - the one that contains approbation

    7) dobry kawałek drogi - ( literally good piece/bit of road/way - a long way ) - having the amount that the speaker sees as considerable.

    I think the number 3 can be translated to kind sometimes


    Thank you! Your explanations are always excellent.


    Sounds the same as in Ukrainian.


    Trzy isnt kind it is 3 and only 3


    You ever start bingeing lessons at 4:25 A.M. because you can't sleep? And then when Duolingo asks you to type this Polish sentence in English, you just type the same sentence in Polish? Yeah, me neither...

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      hahahaha, it has happened to me. Only it may very well be when I am completely awake.


      OMG in Romanian the word for her is "ei", and it's prononounced as jej, what a coincidence !

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        Isn't that beautiful to find coincidences in languages?


        Her wine must be amazingly good! This sentence comes up literally every time i press 'practice' button xD


        and agaain


        Shouldn't 'Jej' and 'wino' be in the instrumental case because of 'jest'?


        No. You don't put your subject into instrumental case. Subject is always in nominative case, it's what we need nominative case for =). You normally put only objects and related modifiers in instrumental case.


        Jej wino jest dobre?


        Can we also say dobrze


        What is the difference between 'dobrze' and 'dobre'?


        Her wine is well?


        That sounds like "Her wine is healthy" (not sick anymore).


        jej does not change according to the gender?( I wish so!!) her cat/child/girl


        It's a rare situation, but yes, "jej" is identical for every gender and every grammatical case ;) Same for other 3rd person possessives: "jego" ("his") and "ich" ("their").


        Im worried about how they cane to the conclusion that all of the wine that the has is good

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