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  5. "A glass of tea, please."

"A glass of tea, please."

Translation:Bir bardak çay, lütfen.

January 6, 2016



It is "bardak çay" "kaşik seker" etc. Are these constructions always like this or must I use the genitive sometimes? I am confused.


I thought a bardak was a drinking glass and İ thought tea would always be served in a (glass) fincan. İ'm thinking if you asked for a bardak of çay in Turkey they would think you'd gone mad. Have İ got it wrong?


Actually, the traditional tulip-esque shaped tea glasses in Turkey (which are by far the most commonly used tea cups) are called "bardak." There have fincan's as well, but they are much less common. Just google both "çay bardağı" and "çay fincanı" and you will see the difference. :)


Ugh. Both my (Turkish) husband and my (American raised) 6 year old daughter laughed at me. It seems I had it wrong, or, as I hear every day, "Yanlış tekrar, mommy!" Why does learning have to be such a humbling experience?!

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