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  5. "Wo waren Sie?"

"Wo waren Sie?"

Translation:Where were you?

January 6, 2016



It's a bit lazy, inconsistent, and potentially confusing for Duolingo to accept "Wo waren sie" and still show "Wo waren Sie" as the "correct" answer. I understand of course that both answers should be accepted, but only the translation for what I have entered should be displayed. Reported.


Past tense, plural.

I am/was = ich bin/war
You are/were = du bist/warst (singular informal)
It is/was = es ist/war
We are/were = wir sind/waren
You are/were = ihr seid/wart (plural informal)
They are/were = sie sind/waren
You are/were = Sie sind/waren (singular or plural formal)


oh thanks..i just forgot


Duo is not using the plural, it's using the polite since it doesn't accept the plural ' where were they'.

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