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No sound effects

Sound effects (for right/wrong answers, completing skill, etc.) are no longer working for me. Voice playback is still working normally.

I've tried toggling it on/off in the settings, which didn't change anything. Also tried logging out of the site, and logging back in.

They were working fine yesterday.

If it helps, I'm using XP Pro and Firefox.

December 14, 2013



Bump, sound effects are not working again for couple of days. Tested on Windows 8.1 Firefox, OSX Yosemmite Chrome and Safari.


I have the same problem. Yesterday they were working, today they are not working (I tested Chrome and Firefox)


Try using Chrome or IE. See if anything changes. Maybe some Firefox add-on is messing around.


Thanks for the add-on suggestion! After some testing, it seems the problem is caused by the Firefox HTTPS Everywhere add-on, which I can disable while using this site.

Problem solved.


Fantastic! ^_^


Thanks for this. After reading this I turned of privacy badger on firefox and the sound effects worked again.


Having this problem on a Windows 8.1 laptop running Chrome. Have adblock installed but I have done so for a long time, haven't added any new Extensions recently either :(


I'm having the same problem. I really miss the little "bing" when you get something right. I use Duolingo on my iPhone exclusively and would really like the sound effects back. Voice playback and microphone-based questions still work fine.


Is your ringer turned off?


I think perhaps it was. The next time I tried it after posting, the "bing" was back, and that was the only thing that had changed.


One last bit of data - I discovered yesterday that if I'm in a car equipped with Bluetooth, the kind where your phone calls are on "speaker" through the car's system, the sounds don't play. I verified that my ringer was on and my volume was up. That time, though, I also couldn't hear the microphone or recording.


Yes, that was it in my case! The ringer was turned off. It is quite easy for the little switch that toggles the ringer to get accidentally pushed just by holding the phone in that area. At the time it first happened, I was new to the phone and hadn’t discovered this yet.


I'm glad it helped! :)


This happened to me with Duolingo on iPhone. I was in the middle of using it when I saw some sort of “settings” page briefly flash on the screen, and then it returned to the unit I had been working on, but with the sound effects off. The voice playback still sounds correctly in Duolingo, but the effects (the happy little dings) are muted. I checked sound settings in both Duolingo and in the iPhone in general, and couldn’t find anything that would restore the sound effects. Any clue?


HAS this problema On my iPad. Try Settings>general>UseSide Switch to> Lock rotation.

I had accidentally set the side switch to "mute" which killed the sound effects but not the lesson.


This also solves the problem when it occurs on Iphone 5


Is it possible to turn off all sounds on the iPhone version?

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