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"Die politischen Gruppen sind nicht mehr willkommen."

Translation:The political groups are no longer welcome.

December 14, 2013



I replied 'The political groups are no longer welcome', which as a native English speaker I think is the most natural translation. (Duo accepted this.)


Speaking as another native speaker I'd have to say that "Political groups are no longer welcome" is at least as, if not more, natural sounding, at least to my ears.


Agree, but that was rejected for me...


Those political groups are the rowdiest.


The massive red block for incorrect answers still makes it impossible for me to compare what I typed with the answer. The new format is disappointing and not conducive to my learning. A tiny red dot would be sufficient to convey that the answer was incorrect. I need to be able to see what I typed in order to figure out where the error lies.


Anyone else find the way duolingo says gruppen really vague and non-understandable?


Yes, I actually thought it was "Goten", darn political Goths, lol.


Really, a better translation would be that the groups are "welcome no more." "No more welcome" is very strange to my native English ears.


Would "Die politischen Gruppen sind nicht langer willkommen" be a better way to say this?


I second this statement wholeheartedly.

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