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"My sister travels a lot, so she saw a lot."

Translation:Моя сестра багато подорожує, отже вона бачила багато.

January 6, 2016



What is the difference between отож і отже?


‘Отже’ is ‘hence, so, as a result’. It marks a logical conclusion from something:

  • Ти чув про це, отже ти знаєш — You have heard about it, hence you know.

  • Отже ти чув про це? — So you have heard about it, haven't you? (There is no evident prelude in this sentence, the conclusion is made from the context. It's like ‘I've heard that you heard, hence I'm asking’)

While it seems sometimes similar ‘Отож’ is not a logical conclusion but a closing remark (as a result; in the end; that is why) or a way to say ‘that's the point‘:

  • Я прочитав цю книгу. Отож думаю, що читати далі. — I have read this book. And now (that's why) I'm thinking what to read next.

  • Ти чув про це. Отож розкажи й мені! — You've heard about it. So tell me too!

  • (А): Ця книга була цікавою! (Б): Отож! — (A): This book was interesting! (B): I told you that!


The tenses are mixed up in this English sentence, so it does not make complete sense. It should say either 'My sister travels a lot, so she sees a lot', or 'My sister travelled a lot, so she saw a lot'.


Yes, it must be either sees a lot or has seen a lot.


Same comment as MarkBOak above.

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