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  5. "Ты мне нужна."

"Ты мне нужна."

Translation:I need you.

January 6, 2016



What if you're talking to ice cream?


Ты мне нужно! ...Думаю


You are correct. Мороженое - neuter gender.


Why is ты мне надо not possible? Is it because надо only applies to things?


Надо isn't used with nouns, I think.


Correct. In another discussion it was stated надо is only used with verbs.


How can you say then "you need me?


Я тебе нужен/нужна. Based on your profile you should say нужен.


The declination depends on the gender of the object though, not the subject, right? Are you implying that he's heterosexual?


Нужен applies to the thing that is needed, which is Я in this instance


why нужна as opposed to нужно?


"нужна́" is for feminine.
I am sure that the masculine "ну́жен" is accepted too.


is the gender of nuzhno dependant on the thing being needed or the one who needs? (ты or мне in this sentence)


The thing that is needed (ты).


You can also say "Я нужда́юсь в тебе́" (prepositional). This doesn't depend on gender, but this is too formal.


Duolingo hitting me in the feels the day I discover my crush has a boyfriend :c


We'll get 'em next time...


What's the difference between нужный and нужен ?


Could i get a literal translation please? I am confused by the cases of the pronouns: ты is nominative but is not the subject. Мне is not nominative yet is being the subject, why not я? And why does a verb suddenly have declensions based on gender?


Not good with Russian, but from what I can tell, there's no verb in the sentence https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/нужна https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/нужный#Russian "мне" is I think dative--my best take on a literal translation would be "You/ to me/ necessary." Maybe think of it as a distant relative of "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" or "You Are So Beautiful to Me", where the sentiment is "I find you beautiful", but because love loves to turn subjects into objects and objects into subjects, presto change-o.


Just wanted to confirm, as a native speaker, that you are absolutely correct.


Since the present tense of 'to be' is rarely verbalized (never?) and нужна really being what we would call in English a predicate adjective, it all makes sense. An adjective must follow case rules. Thanks for the German example. Also it reminds me of Spanish where you say "Me gusto la cuidad" to mean 'I like the city' but literally it means 'The city is pleasing to me'. THANKS!


What is the sifference between using нужна and надо for "need"?


it's quite the same (according to what i've learned so far), but надо would have a 'have to' connotation while нужен is more 'need'


Does this focus on the "I NEED you"? And can you also say " мне нужна ТЫ" (and not someone else)?


You can translate this as 'you are needed by be' I'm not fluent, but i imagine if you are trying to focus on the 'you' part, you'd have to stress the 'ты' verbally like we would in English or add additional flavour like you would if you were texting this (by either making ТЫ in full caps or adding something like 'and no other' or whatever would be most appropriate in Russian)


Hmm.. kinda confusing. I compared it to אתה זקוק לי which uses the same cases for the personal pronouns, but has the opposite meaning, so I got this wrong


What about a transgender. Can you still use надо?

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