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Unlocking bonus skills

I am a high school French teacher in Washington state, and I showed Duolingo to my classes yesterday. I put it up on the smart board and walked them through the tools. My students became particularly enthusiastic when they saw the title of one of the bonus skills I had unlocked ("Flirting"), so I made them a deal: If they get to a certain point by next Friday, we will do Flirting together as a class.

This seems to be such a great carrot on a stick that I am wondering: I'm sure there are more bonus skills, since my most recent slot was taken up with the seasonal "Christmas." Is there a way I can have access to all the bonus skills available?

Thank you.

Madame Sensei (yeah, I teach Japanese too...)

January 6, 2016



There are only three bonus skills.


Thank you for reading! My question is, there are only three SLOTS, but I am wondering if there are more than three skills, because Christmas is seasonal?



No, there're only the three. You just have to catch the Christmas one when it comes around!


well i think you should have a good day and be nice to others dont be a bully


Right now there are only three. That doesn't mean there won't be more in the future. :] There are discussions about that particular course in the French from English forum, in case you haven't checked it out yet. :]

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