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Hello there :)

Do you often wonder whether Duolingo's pronunciations are fine?

Being a computer generated voice, it indeed contains errors sometimes.

Portuguese pronunciations follow some steady rules but there are cases, depending on the word, that no rule can explain, such as:

  • The vowel "E" without an accent can vary between "ê" and "é"
  • The vowel "O" without an accent can vary between "ô" and "ó".
  • The consonant "X" can vary between "SH", "SS", "KS" and "Z" sounds.

Whenever you feel something might not be right, try using Forvo, an excellent pronunciation dictionary containing words pronounced by native people either form Portugual and Brazil. This way you can also check differences between the two countries. (Duolingo uses Brazilian pronunciations)

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January 6, 2016


You forgot to mention that the consonant "X" has a fourth sound: "SH"

January 10, 2016


January 10, 2016

These are all correct. There are some extremely hard rules for knowing when "e" sounds like "é" or "ê" even without those accent marks. Some of these rules include which language it came from (latin, anglo-saxon and so on), word formation (how a word was formed, with different parts like sufixes and prefixes) and so on. But don't worry. I guess u just got to memorize it by heart.

February 5, 2017
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