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Reverse-Learning and its Benefits

I'm on two courses now: French from English (my main) and English from French (which I use to earn more XP and my 7th Level!) It's also not very popular, and the only difference is the layout in French. However, if you're familiar with how Duolingo works, you'll get by. It's almost a way to reset your progress, and practice more of your language!

January 6, 2016

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I personally try to finish the first language (in this case, French), and once I'm done I try to learn a new language from that language (i.e. FR->SP). I find it works better for me ^^


Interesting, I might try this ^^


Savez-vous que dans ce cours inverse, la langue d'échanges est le français ? Excellente occasion de pratiquer ce que vous avez déjà appris !

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