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  5. "It is bright in our school."

"It is bright in our school."

Translation:W naszej szkole jest jasno.

January 6, 2016



Why not Jest jasno w naszej szkole? Does the word order matter here?


"Thanks to declensions, word order doesn't matter in Polish" is the worst advice I've ever heard when I started to learn Polish. Thankfully, you realize it's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ pretty quickly, like... just after one told you that so you try changing word order of a sentence in different ways and everything is wrong.


This is the most unusefull comment ever, but I think every word order other than "W naszej szkole jest jasno" sound weird. But I have no idea why. I think it's technically correct.


Why not "To jest jasno w naszej szkole"?


English is strange language that makes you use subjects when they are not only unnecessary- but nonexistent what is exactly that "it" that is bright, or rains? (Polish girl who learns English POV)

Simply use "to" only when you can replace it with "this" and on/ona/ono when you know (or in context of translation can imagine) what the subject is and which gender to apply.


When do you use "naszej"?


It is the locative and genitive form of nasz (our) before a singular feminine noun.


I put W naszej szkołe jest jasna as I thought to make it agree with feminine gender of szkoła . Can someone explain why the adjective ends in a neuter?


It's not an adjective, but an adverb. It inflects for neither gender nor case. Neuter adjectives always end in -e, hence jasne.

[It is] + [adjective] translates to [jest] + [adverb] in Polish when describing weather conditions or room ambience.


Again they change the phrase order. Who is to say which is more important our school or the brightness?


You commented on three similarly built sentences, all of them start with the place and end with 'how it is there'.


What is meant by 'bright' here? I don't understand the meaning of the sentence.


There is a lot of light. I guess it also may suggest bright-coloured walls (but those are usually white anyway).

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