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  5. "Is that beef cooked?"

"Is that beef cooked?"

Translation:Aquela carne está cozida?

January 12, 2013



I thought that "bife" means "steak", and that "bife" is a false friend to the English "beef".


The button for "there is a mistake" is no longer available. In general then, most users will not have enough expertise to be confident enough to click the input box for "my answer should be accepted". But after tips and support from native speakers, mistakes and alternative acceptable translations become clearly identified. How do these get to Duolingo developers?

It would such a waste of knowledge if corrections of this kind (such as 'bife' in this case) are not used by Duolingo to improve the course.

Do you know anything about this? Are you a UXdesigner for Duolingo, or just a generous German learner willing to help me with my queries?


You make a very relevant point, in my opinion, one upon which I have pondered myself. I shall raise that issue in the forum. So no, I don't know if anything's being done in that sense, I'm but a fellow Duolinguist. Or Multilinguist, as is my aspiration. If I were, my picture would display a blue border with a star.


Well, you are welcome to cite our conversation in the forum.

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