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"Benim ciddi bir cilt sorunum var."

Translation:I have a serious skin problem.

January 6, 2016



How about "there is a serious problem with my skin"? I just can't imagine people going around saying "I have a serious skin problem". "There is" makes it sound a bit more clinical and hopefully a little removed.


Yeah, it should say that tbh. But to make it "there is a serious problem with my skin", I think it would say "Benim cildimi ciddi bir sorun(um) var." I have no idea though lol, this language can be so confusing


"(Benim) cildimin ciddi bir sorunu var." = My skin has a serious condition /problem.

We would need genitive case ("-in") on "cildim" (my skin) because it is now the possessor of the problem. And possessive 3rd person suffix ("-u") on "sorun" because it now belongs to my skin (an "it") rather than to me. So, I agree with gidcowboy that it sounds a little more removed, especially if we omit "benim" as well.

I'm not a native speaker (just a grammar nerd), so I'm also open to correction :-)


In other sentences there is a combination of "bende + var" used and not the genitive construction. So why here?


"Bende ciddi bir cilt sorunu var.",


"Benim cildimde ciddi bir sorun var."

are also correct according to my native ears. Report it please.


So if I want to say 'I have a serious skin question' I'd say Cilt/cildim hakkında ciddi bir sorum var?


Answering my historic self: yes I would say that sentence to get the mentioned translation!

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