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"Edebiyat onun hayata bakışını değiştirir."

Translation:Literature will change his view on life.

January 6, 2016



Never I would have had translated this Turkish sentence into the Future!

If you want to say "will change", you have to write değiştirecek or am I wring here?

If I have to translate: Literature will change his/her view on life.

I would write: Edebiyat onun hayata bakışını değiştirecek.

So why do you mark my sentence as wrong, when I translate your given sentence:

Edebiyat onun hayata bakışını değiştirir. into:

Literatur changes her view on life. ???


no! changes >> not will change


Both are fine and are accepted. "will change" is a slightly better translation here actually.


Probably a silly question: if I'm not wrong the verb here is in aorist. Is there any way to figure out when we need to translate this with the present tense and when with the future?


"Literature changes one's view on life.". Please explain to me why this is wrong. Thank you.


Literature changes her vision on life!


I consulted it with a turkish native speaker and he said it should not be translated with future tense but with present.

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