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  5. "Idę na górę."

"Idę na górę."

Translation:I am going upstairs.

January 6, 2016



Could this also mean "I am walking to the mountain"?

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If you mean walking towards the mountain, we could say "Idę w stronę góry or Idę w kierunku góry. "Idę na górę" could be translated as climbing a mountain. But if you mean climbing, it is better to say "wchodzę na górę" or "wspinam się (na górę)" . If you mean hiking in the mountains we could say "Idę w góry" or "Idę pospacerować po górach".


what about "I'm going uphill"?


I'd rather say "Idę do góry" in such a situation. Of course if I am going by foot.

"Idę na górę" is rather "I am going to another floor (above the one I am currently on)".

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Uphill here could be translated as "pod górę" (meaning, the whole way is only up). So we can translate it as "Idę pod górę".


I'm going uphill - Idę pod górę/Mam pod górę/Ciężko mi

These phrases can be understood literally or figuratively
as: "I have a really hard time doing whatever I am doing".


What is the difference between 'na górę' and 'na górze'?


'na' + Accusative (na górę) signifies movement 'to somewhere'.

'na' + Locative (na górze) signifies location. You already are 'upstairs'.


Thanks for the info!


Why is "I go upstairs" not accepted ? It's the same in English. My polish girlfriend says "I go upstairs" is perfectly fine.


"I go" doesn't happen right now, but in general. "idę" happens right now or expresses a plan (I am going).


there is a progressive tense in polish?


There is just one Present Tense in Polish, but there are different verbs of motion for the difference that English expresses by using either Present Simple or Present Progressive.


It can be i am going on a mountain or i am going to the top


I wrote I'm going upstairs and it said it was wrong. I should have put I am going upstairs. That's silly as it's the same thing.


It is indeed the same thing and it should have worked. Next time in such a situation please also use the "Report" button so we can see your exact answer and figure out if it's a bug, or if perhaps something else was actually wrong.


Thanks for your advice


My response was "I go upstairs." It was marked incorrect. Wouldnt that be right?

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