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  5. "Idę na górę."

"Idę na górę."

Translation:I am going upstairs.

January 6, 2016



Could this also mean "I am walking to the mountain"?


If you mean walking towards the mountain, we could say "Idę w stronę góry or Idę w kierunku góry. "Idę na górę" could be translated as climbing a mountain. But if you mean climbing, it is better to say "wchodzę na górę" or "wspinam się (na górę)" . If you mean hiking in the mountains we could say "Idę w góry" or "Idę pospacerować po górach".


what about "I'm going uphill"?


I'd rather say "Idę do góry" in such a situation. Of course if I am going by foot.

"Idę na górę" is rather "I am going to another floor (above the one I am currently on)".


Uphill here could be translated as "pod górę" (meaning, the whole way is only up). So we can translate it as "Idę pod górę".


Yes I keep making this mistake each time. For some reason in my head going upstairs is, "idę do gury" so this one sounds like going up a mountain to me.


"góry", "gury" is not a word :)


It can be i am going on a mountain or i am going to the top


Why is "I go upstairs" not accepted ? It's the same in English. My polish girlfriend says "I go upstairs" is perfectly fine.


"I go" doesn't happen right now, but in general. "idę" happens right now or expresses a plan (I am going).

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