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Share what you like most about Duolingo for Schools and win this adorable Duo plushie! WINNER UPDATE

If you're a language teacher, excited about Duolingo for Schools, this is your chance to share and inspire. It only takes a minute to post a quick comment below, and who knows, you just might make a new friend...

Tell us how you're using Duolingo with your students and what excites them most about language learning. If your post is chosen, you'll receive your very own Duo the owl plushie. Have him visit your class, reward your hardest working student or keep him all to yourself! :)

Entry deadline is Wed, January 13th.

[UPDATE] THANK YOU all for participating! The contest is now closed and the winners have been chosen.

First place goes to M.Dantes and his passionate French students! There's a little green owl flying your way as fast as it can :)

Several of you also deserve prizes for creating exciting language learning experiences for your students with Duolingo for Schools. Special thanks to Herrcollins, sgoodfel, Kipsych, SWoodcock0, emilybwilliams, Bootsma, dgodfreyaspen, Patricie6, amorr69 and Kalleca.

Duolingo educators, please stay tuned for more chances to share tips and win prizes for your class! Improve your chances for next time, by creating Duolingo classrooms for your language sections and trying out new features like the Assignments and Power Practice. We can't wait to hear your creative ideas and thoughtful insights!

January 6, 2016



French teacher grades 7-12 here. My classes all use Duolingo as part of our curriculum, in particular to help with vocabulary, grammar, and helping to build a basis for further studies in French. Students all set personal weekly goals for themselves (around points they'll earn and lessons they'll complete). I keep track of their progress weekly--encouraging consistent practice and considering how Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithim works/why Duolingo is designed to help learn things in the long term.

Students tend to be most excited by: the individualized pacing, Duolingo's amazing interface, the gamification of the learning, easily knowing where they stand on the tree and how to improve, the huge sticker chart in the room that represents their progress on the tree, the fact that Duolingo is available on Mobile devices and computers, the whole class activity (which we've turned into review games), and more.

When I showed my first class this opportunity, it became very apparent that we need to have the plushie--along with anything else Duo related: posters, stickers, apparel, oh my.

Thanks, Duolingo!


This is a really great example, Duo is on his way to you :D

What kinds of weekly progress goals have worked best for your students? Have you tried out the new assignments feature?

We'd love to hear about their progress, what's working and what you decide to tweak as you continue to make the most of Duolingo for Schools.

Thank you for sharing your story, M.Dantes


The students will be ecstatic!

Individualized progress goals are the way to go. Goals range from 50-200 points per week and are set to provide each individual student with an appropriate challenge. In addition to points, we work with specific lessons/units as a whole so there are checkpoints along the way and an emphasis on maintaining a gold tree. I probably won't use the assignments feature until I can set up individual goals instead of whole-class goals (I try to have multi-level classes--students are all at different places and I like my assignments to reflect that--helps engagement to meet students where they are as much as possible).

The focus in my class is actually persistence, and I'm trying to teach foreign language as a way of improving upon that. Duolingo's ability to let me track quite closely what students are working on is wonderful--it's all about consistent practice over an extended period of time.

This is my third year using Duo in my classroom as one big piece of my curriculum--there are countless ways to incorporate it into the foreign language classroom. I use it as a way to help students build confidence, vocabulary, and basic understanding/exposure to grammar. From there, we go on to using the language to create new sentences/communicate instead of just translating as at some point, that loses its utility (I'd love to see what Duolingo can do with this next step).

Regardless, I find that students who actually buy-in and use it to practice have an indispensable tool in their language-learning toolkit. We are grateful to have access to this marvelous resource!


I need that plushie! Is there any place I can buy one? I'm not a teacher:) Is it ok if I answer the question not as a teacher? I am using Duolingo as a fun way to learn a language instead of a boring textbook approach. It's more effective than anything I have seen like it. I love how it is being used to teach children languages in schools across the world for free! I personally enjoy learning languages because it gives me an insight into a new culture and way of life. I also have the ability to avoid frustration on a holiday:)

They do use Duolingo in my school, but not in every class. Maybe I should tell the language teachers to use Duolingo in their classes:) Sometimes Duolingo teaches a language better than them! That plushie would be very encouraging:)

Without Duolingo, I would not have learned Norwegian and my life would not have been the same! You guys are amazing, keep making Duolingo better!




Where did it come from? I think Duo needs to start selling those!


Agreed!!!!! :))))))))


very cool, and yes, tell your teachers! :)

We'd like to do more of these contests and open them up to the general Duolingo community in the future. And we're also thinking about adding more items to our gear store


Yes definitely! I will tell my teachers. It would be a good idea to add more things to the store. May I suggest some items? It would be cool to have a golden owl trophy replica, so you could have something physical. A level lapel pin would be cool. You could wear your levels wherever you go! and you need to start selling the Duo plushie. It will become your best seller:)


I can't give you a plushie but I can give you a lingot! you deserve it! nice comment


OK - I'll go for it. I teach middle/high school German, but I've personally used Duolingo to learn Spanish and Danish. I'm now able to talk with my Spanish teaching colleagues in Spanish (or at least I try my best!) and I intend to travel to Denmark this summer to improve my Danish.

My students have weekly point totals that they have to achieve in Duolingo, depending on what level of German they are in. The new assignment feature is a big help to me! My students love using Duolingo! It's a great supplement to the rather old textbook that my school has. Plus, since they're teenagers, they also love using the app on their cell phones. I give out bonus points to students who do extra points, and we have informal class competitions to see who can get the most points!

My students love learning a language like German because it's something that will allow them to travel abroad and visit a fascinating country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland. It will also be great for their future careers! Duolingo helps enrich my class and make it more fun and interesting to them, since it's electronic and it often has funny sentences to keep them interested.

Keep up the good work, Duolingo team, and I'm excited for new school features!


Thank you, Herrcollins! Very happy to hear you're enjoying the new features and that your students are motivated by the XP competition. Do you find they're making most of their progress at home, or do you give them in class time to use it on their devices?

We're also very impressed with your personal language progress, and hope you have a great time in Denmark. When the time comes, do let us know how Duolingo helped you prepare and share tips for anyone else preparing for a language enrichment trip.




I'm an English teacher for 9-12th grade. In my class, we use Duolingo as a way of learning a language. I had all my students choose a language to learn, and each month, we have an XP competition. My students love to go on Discussion and Immersion and enjoy posting funny things on each others pages in different languages. Some of my students have already finished a tree and are moving on to their second. Students love that they can work at their own pace and set individual XP goals. Duolingo is an exciting program for my students and when they come into my classroom, they instantly relax and smile because they get to do Duolingo. It's great to see. I assign at least 10XP per day, and if students get more than 300XP in a week, they receive extra credit points. I track their progress every day and use the new assignment feature to assign extra lessons if a student is far behind. Duolingo is an amazing program. Many of my students enjoy doing Duolingo on their phones, and earn extra points when they are bored and on their phones. I love Duolingo, and so do my students!


This sounds like a fun, motivational strategy.

And how interesting to have students in the same class learning various languages of their choice. Who knew that an English class can inspire students to become polyglots!

Thank you for sharing and for everything you do :)


I have been using Duolingo in my classroom from the beginning, through many of the changes Duolingo has made to improve language learning. The latest upgrade, Duolingo Classroom, has made it much easier for teachers to track student progress. I love the updates Duolingo sends to my mailbox. The students look forward to their Duolingo time every week. Some are encouraged by competing with colleagues, others enjoy the challenges of earning "streaks" and "lingots". But most of all, language learning "gamified" appeals to all of my students. Some have even become motivated to learn other languages outside of class time. Merci, Duolingo!


We try to update you with the most useful information and reminders (editable under settings) so it's great to hear you take full advantage of these features. We'd love to send the winner of your contest a prize, please free to send us an email at teachers@duolingo.com with more information :)


Hi! I teach Middle School French and Coding- 2 languages. I just love DuoLingo for my classroom and for everyone that I know trying to keep up with a language! I cannot recommend the app enough! In my classroom, I am now giving assignments and goals to my students and DuoLingo has become their homework assignments. I have now incorporated all of the same vocabulary and phrases from level 1 into my weekly lessons so I am constantly reinforcing what they have learned on DuoLingo. I am amazed at what my students have learned in French! I also use Luis Von Ahn's Ted Talk to inspire my Coding Class to think out of the box and be creative, global thinkers. I would love to help develop a French curriculum around DuoLingo!


It's very cool to hear that you're teaching words to reinforce the Duolingo skills of that week!

As you may know from researching Luis, it's very important to us that everything on Duolingo, including the order vocabulary and concepts are taught in, is tested and data-driven. Your language and coding students are benefitting from scientific insights about how our brains receive and remember new knowledge. To know that they're also learning to think creatively about global challenges is beyond cool!

Thank you for giving the next generation of global thinkers the tools and inspiration they'll need to thrive and make an impact.


I'm not a teacher, but here's my answer:

Duolingo helped me in life a lot. It improved my French at school, helped me learn a lot of languages, and helped me show interest in my studies and learning. I study way too many languages, so I put them by learning 2-3 at a time:

  1. Spanish, German, Welsh.

  2. Hindi, Dutch, Italian.

  3. Vietnamese, Swedish, Russian.

It continues...

It also helped me learn the languages of my classmates. I could speak to them in my language and they'd go like "How did you know that?".


Wow, it would be great prize. I am an English teacher and I really love Duolingo. I have been learning Italien here for several months and it is great!!! So I have decided to start Duolingo with my a bit lazy students. I wanted to motivate them and it works incredibilmente. They study with Duolingo every day and they love it. Thank you so much!!! Patricie


It's not always easy to keep every student engaged. Thank you for sharing this great example of how Duolingo can help reengage learners who might otherwise fall behind!


I teach French, Levels I, II, and III. Each spring our upper level students go to an elementary school and teach French and Social Studies to second graders. We use Duolingo to prepare for our Mentoring/Tutoring Program in French. The students love it! They feel prepared to teach due to this fun review. Even my exchange students from France and Switzerland enjoy Duolingo! Thank you(Merci)!


Teaching and helping others learn really may be one of the best ways to solidify what you know while giving back to others. Thanks for the share and best of luck to your young educators!


Oh yeah! I AM a teacher in an inner city school (Oakland, CA) and I just found out about duolingo in November so I started assigning it for my French 1 and French 2 students during those looong vacations! I teach in a public high school and for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring vacations the schools are closed and the students tend to get out of practice so I just gave them a certain amount of xps/minutes to do per day and then I mark it as their homework grade. Then they can take the amount of xps down to "casual" when it's not a required assignment.

I really like the fact that they can now join a class and I can track their usage of the site. I also like that I can edit their settings as well. I only wish that I could edit the sequence of the information because if I need my French 2 students to practice past tense, they have to work through all the other stuff in order to get to where we are right now. But in general, it's pretty golden. The students really like it so far and as long as they stay on track, they don't forget as much.

It's also fun when one of them remembers a word or phrase from duolingo and in the middle of a lesson one of them says, "Hey! I saw that on duolingo!" or "Oh! I remember that from the duolingo site!"

I also get to practice other languages along with my students...I'm learning Portuguese. They think it's funny!


Yes, Duolingo is a great way to stay in shape over breaks and holidays!

What you're describing in terms of recognition and memory is such a nice real world example of how Duolingo's spaced repetition really does help students internalize and retrieve important concepts. Thank you.


Hi! I'm a Primary school teacher and I began using Duolingo activities to structure the lessons I teach my class. I used it in the first term just as a trial basis to see how the children would respond to the activities as a whole class. We found it easiest to use at the end of a lesson to recap what we've learnt and at the beginning of the next lesson to see what we remember. I also use it in spare 5 minutes between activities. Because of how young my class is (they're only 7 and 8 years old) we took an entire term just to cover basics 1 and feel secure enough to write short sentences but I'm very proud of how much they have learnt with the limited time we've spent on it. This term I have set up a duolingo account for each student and will be sending the information home to families. We will probably use it as part of our ICT lessons as it encourages typing skills and also as a chosen activity on the class Ipads at the end of a lesson.

This isn't the only way I've used this application though. Early in October last year I had a Polish student enter my class with no English whatsoever. Having used Duolingo myself to learn some french and already using it with the rest of my class, I was eager to see if the application allowed him to learn English through it. It's a huge hit with him! His mother has also been using it with him over the Christmas holidays to gain some extra English and he has completed Basics 1, Basics 2, Common phrases and Animals already! I am also using the app in reverse to learn some Polish words (which I'm finding ridiculously difficult by the way) to help him understand our lessons easier. The only trouble is, he seems to be much quicker at learning the English than I am Polish so I'm often left wondering who teaches who!


Congratulations, SWoodcock0 on integrating Duolingo so seamlessly with your class flow! The chosen activity in between activities or at the end of class, does seem to be a popular, effective format and it's so true that students learn language AND tech skills by spending time with Duolingo.

But special congrats seem to be in order for the Polish student who demonstrates how much you can achieve when you put your mind to something. Makes us think that the best teacher/student relationships are those where learning and teaching can happen on both sides!


Since May of 2014 Duolingo has transformed my classroom! I use it with 5th-9th grade Spanish students. I discovered the app and my students have been reaping the benefits ever since. Each week I give Duolingo practice homework and now can make assignments. They get most excited when we cover something in class that they remember from their Duolingo practice. It builds confidence in the classroom. This is such an amazing free learning tool! The program just keeps getting better and better! I am encouraged with the response from Duolingo staff to meet the needs of teachers and students alike. I look forward to continual growth using the program for my students.


I want one. I use duolingo school for myself first to see how it works and it has help me improve my French much more. I think I am going to start using it with my Spanish students soon. The best part of using duo is that it feels like a game and the points and streaks just keeps us all so motivated.


great, Kalleca!

Keep us posted as you start using Duolingo and Duolingo for Schools with your Spanish classes - we are eager to hear how it goes :)


Thank you so much, I must say that the link that I got doesn't work. But most importantly if I can say a few extra things. I think there should be more levels and there should be less point to the next level, the closer that I am to finish a level the more motivated I am. Also, I think that I'd like it- and it would work better- if one can do several times a skill and it would change colors or something like that that would indicate that that it has been done several times. Again thank you


Being able to start a classroom even if you're not a real educator. Cause you know it's tuff I just wanna help alllllllllllll these many small tiny little children


Hello all,

I am new a Duolingo. Unfortunately, I find the program difficult to navigate. I would like to use it for Kindergarten, 1,2 grade Spanish. It seems to me that even the basic program is difficult to manage it. Any ideas or suggestions. Thank you.

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