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"Potrzebuję dostępu do Internetu, żeby pobrać ten plik."

Translation:I need Internet access to download this file.

January 6, 2016



Dlaczego "I need an internet access to download this file" jest źle? Czy ktoś zna zasadę używania "an" w takich sytuacjach?


"an internet access" is not correct English grammar. "Access" cannot be used with the indefinite article unless it is an adjective modifying a noun, e.g. "an access code". "An internet connection" on the other hand would be correct.


I put "an internet connection" and it was marked wrong. Is the word "dostęp" that specific?


That would be: „Potrzebuję połączenia z internetem, żeby pobrać ten plik” – obviously, in real life these are pretty synonymous, but on Duolingo, you are learning by example and that includes actual meaning of the words(like 'access'/„dostęp” here), so things have to be a bit more literal.


Aha, thanks for the new vocabulary!


"I need internet access so that I can download this file" was not accepted.


While this makes a lot of sense, we stick to the literal translations as far as they are correct and natural, and you added the "so that I can" part, which was not in the Polish sentence.


"I need access to the internet in order to download this file "


This should have worked, it's accepted.


I put "I need access to the internet to be able to access this file". Can this be added?


Well, OK for "to be able to" (although that adds something, technically), but then I think you meant "download", not "access"? That's not the same thing.


"I need to access to the Internet to download this file" - is it wrong ?

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