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  5. "They maintain the direction."


"They maintain the direction."

January 12, 2013



Could this not also be "Eles mantêm o rumo"?


Yes, it could.


I've been loosing a lot of hearts for acceptable but rejected translations. I hope the beta version is being improved with the help of my input.

Do you know how many people have reached level 12. The number of mistakes in the course content and rejections of acceptable translations seems to be increasing the further I advance. I loose most of my hearts this way.


I agree. I have been pointing these things out to DuoLingo, especially the need of building confidence for the student to trust what is being given and to not discouraging them from continuing. A weakness that I see is the lack of teaching idioms that are commonly used, rather than word by word translation. If the hints could be trusted for each lesson the student would have the basic answer for that lesson and variants could be learned later. There are many variants that are probably acceptable and it would be hard to include all in possible answers but if the wanted answer could be taught at the beginning it would save a lot of frustration. Variants could be brought up in the discussion for good opinions on their possible use, much like what is happening in this discussion panel. I hope that DuoLingo is reading my comments to them pondering possible changes but have no feedback. The loosing of hearts and needing to repeat the lesson is good for the repetition and retention of the lesson but very time consuming. I am approaching level 12 and plan to continue. Only hope that the time I put in with suggestions is being considered and will help those that follow- "um melhor caminho"!


direção vs. direcção

Shouldn't both be accepted?

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