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Duolingo has done my lessons for me.

I finished my Language 'skill' today, unlocking Abs. Obj. 1 and V. Pres. 3 in the German tree. I did this in offline mode, but when I connected back to the internet, the first lesson was completed for the next two skills.

While I shouldn't complain at 'free' progress, and I can always redo the lessons, I feel a little cheated. Was this an intentional part of Duolingo's programming or a bug?

December 14, 2013



It means, you already covered the words that are introduced in that lesson by having completed previous lessons. ^__^

Just do the lesson again to reinforce the words. Cheers.


Strange. I don't recognise some of these words. And they all conveniently appear as words with the weakest strength. Although Duolingo sometimes throws words at me that I saw once in a lesson six months ago, I don't think this is one of those occasions.

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