"Jesteś moją trzecią córką."

Translation:You are my third daughter.

January 7, 2016

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as my grandfather once told me, "i am your grandfather"


Isn't this instrumental, rather than accusative?


"Jesteś moją trzecią córką" is instrumental. An example of accusative: "Widzę moją trzecią córkę" = "I see my third daughter". See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/c%C3%B3rka.


That's what I thought. The hover translations of the adjectives indicate that they are in the accusative. The form is the same, of course, but it had me momentarily asking myself whether Poles used the accusative after a copula.


if she didn't know


Are these numerals that take the genitive? Would This is my third daughter be: To moja trzecia corki?


Ordinal numerals work basically like adjectives, so grammatically "This is my third daughter" isn't different from let's say "This is my oldest daughter".

That means that they do not affect the grammatical case in any way, there's no Genitive involved. In our sentence here "moją trzecią córką" is in Instrumental due to "Jesteś", in yours it should be Nominative ("To moja trzecia córka").

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