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  5. "Macie jabłko, chleb i wodę."

"Macie jabłko, chleb i wodę."

Translation:You have an apple, bread and water.

January 7, 2016



such an interesting meal...


And why would "an apple, a bread and water" be wrong? Or is it just missing in the set of correct answers?


Bread in English is non-countable like milk and honey, so you can't have '1' of it. You need to use a construction such as 'a loaf of bread'.


You in plural or singular?


you - ty (2nd person singular)/ wy (2nd person plural)
you have - masz/jesz (singular) / macie/jecie (plural)

Macie jabłko, chleb i wodę (3 items - no need for comma in Polish)
You have an apple, bread, and water (3 items - comma needed here)

You have an apple, bread and water (2 items, the second is strange)

You have an apple bread and water (2 items - no need for comma, but...)
an apple (and cinnamon) bread - ciasto/babka z jabłkami (i cynamonem)


Polish is plural or very dated formal you - I don't recommend using it also because of communist connotations (the communist tried to revive 2 person plural in place of Pan/Pani/Państwo).


I am sorry, but the polish sentence does not seem to say " You have an Apple bread". Something seems to be wrong here.


It says "You have an apple <comma> bread and water." :)


Confused between macie and masz?


"macie" = plural 'you' (you have, Pete and Sue)

"masz" = singular 'you' (you have, Pete)

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