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I have just completed my French tree!

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After 768 days, 3570 lingots, reaching level 25 on duo lingo.com (but level 26 on the duo lingo app!), I am happy to say I've joined the club of all those who have gone before me, to complete a tree! Still have a long way to go, at only 55% fluency, but I am eager to continue on!

January 7, 2016



Congratulations! I finished yesterday, too, but I did it in 20 days and am only at level 12! Canadian news site TV5 has a TOUGH listening comprehension program -- just started it a few days ago and my pride is shattered. Take a crack at it: http://apprendre.tv5monde.com

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Thanks! And congrats to you too! But hearing that you completed your tree in 20 days to my 2 years plus... Wow! Guess some of us are slow learners! Also, thanks for the link!


How did you do it in 20 days? On average, how many hours a day did you work on it?


congratulations on the tree. Your streak is also amazing. Do continue.

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Merci! I will!

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Merci beaucoup!


how did you get to level 25 before finishing your tree? When I finished my tree (with every subject orange) I was only around level 12!

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You are obviously a much quicker learner than I! It seems to go by points to achieve the next level, and I didn't progress to the next category til I felt reasonably comfortable with what I was currently on. For me, that was every day for over two years! But I finally did it!



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