"Die Krippe mit dem Kind"

Translation:The crib with the child

January 12, 2013

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I would call a 'crib' a 'cot'. I feel like crib may be an americanism? But I think 'cot' should be accepted anyway?


I think the problem is that "Krippe" means "manger", as in "baby Jesus in the manger". I don't have children, but I don't think the word "Krippe" is ever used to refer to the normal bed a child sleeps in. (Apart from that, "Krippe" also means crèche). From what I understand, crib can sometimes be used as an alternative for the biblical manger (?). That would explain why it's accepted but "cot" isn't.

See also: http://en.pons.eu/


I totally agree with Katherle. We had an extensive in detail discussion of the topic some months ago here in the forums. But I can't find it anymore. duolingo's search function isn't working very well. If someone has the link, it would be nice to post it here.


Is this the link you mean? http://duolingo.com/#/comment/10694

To add to what I said above: it is not absolutely impossible that "Krippe" is used in the sense of "cot" (a bed a child sleeps in) in some regions. But this usage would be a regionalism and is not supported by any of the Standard German dictionaries I consulted.


Yes, exactly! Thanks a lot. How did you find it?


@wataya: I searched for the word "Krippe" on Duolingo (German section).


Strange, when I did the same it didn't show me any hits. Maybe I did something wrong ;-)


@wataya: ... you can also google with these keywords

  • Duolingo wataya crib


@dieta: good to know ;-) But there seems to be a bug (or rather non intuitive behaviour) in the search function: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/128248

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