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  5. "Oni nie sprzedają gąbek."

"Oni nie sprzedają gąbek."

Translation:They do not sell sponges.

January 7, 2016



'Gąbek' i 'gąbki' are interchangable?


sponge - gąbka (f)- Nominative, gąbki -Genitive gąbkę- Accusative sponges- gąbki -Nominative/ Accusative , gąbek -Genitive

In polish we use Accusative after sprzedawać , and Genitive to negations when positive sentence had accusative

Oni sprzedają gąbki - they sell sponges ( Acc) Oni nie sprzedają gąbek -they don't sell sponges(Gen)
Oni sprzedają gąbkę - they sell sponge (Acc) Oni nie sprzedają gąbki - they don't sell sponge (Gen)

"Oni nie sprzedają gąbki" is correct but either means the sponge or treat sponge as unaccountable

in case I mixed sth up declension of gąbka


the overview of the lesson has "gąbce." The -ce ending isn't ever used in this lesson. What case is it?


So, "they don't sell sponges" is wrong, but "they do not sell sponges" is the expected answer... Right ?


We don't put "don't" in the accepted answers ourselves, because it's accepted automatically if "do not" is among the accepted answers. So it should have worked, must have been a bug.

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