"Oni nie sprzedają gąbek."

Translation:They do not sell sponges.

January 7, 2016

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'Gąbek' i 'gąbki' are interchangable?


sponge - gąbka (f)- Nominative, gąbki -Genitive gąbkę- Accusative sponges- gąbki -Nominative/ Accusative , gąbek -Genitive

In polish we use Accusative after sprzedawać , and Genitive to negations when positive sentence had accusative

Oni sprzedają gąbki - they sell sponges ( Acc) Oni nie sprzedają gąbek -they don't sell sponges(Gen)
Oni sprzedają gąbkę - they sell sponge (Acc) Oni nie sprzedają gąbki - they don't sell sponge (Gen)

"Oni nie sprzedają gąbki" is correct but either means the sponge or treat sponge as unaccountable

in case I mixed sth up declension of gąbka


the overview of the lesson has "gąbce." The -ce ending isn't ever used in this lesson. What case is it?


So, "they don't sell sponges" is wrong, but "they do not sell sponges" is the expected answer... Right ?


We don't put "don't" in the accepted answers ourselves, because it's accepted automatically if "do not" is among the accepted answers. So it should have worked, must have been a bug.


The usage of "don't" (do not) needs to be more consistent for an answer.


As far as I recall, we don't use contractions in our 'best answers' anywhere, but they are accepted automatically anywhere where they're needed. We don't need to remember about putting "They don't sell sponges" on the list of accepted answers, the system accepts "don't" everywhere where "do not" is accepted.

So if your comment means that your answer with "don't" was rejected, that most likely means you made some other mistake (usually just a typo) somewhere else.


Why is it wrong to say: they are not selling sponges? ( I am not an english nativ speaker)


It's correct and listed as accepted, it should have worked.

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