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  5. "Han spurgte mig ikke."

"Han spurgte mig ikke."

Translation:He did not ask me.

January 7, 2016



I don't hear ikke spoken in this sentence.


It's there right at the end, sort of elided with mig.


maybe I need hearing aides


I bet it's an expectation thing. What I hear sounds like: mai-pause-ig. I know that "mig" is pronounced without saying the final "g," so I hear the "ig" sound at the end as "ikke." I'm guessing that this may all sound like "mig" if you're expecting "mig"'s final "g" to be vocalized. Anyway, I hope that's a helpful description.


My son said he could hear it too and that I should put my ear closer to the speaker. Yes. There is a voiceless "k"sound for ikke there at the end. I'm used to Danes dropping end sounds and slurring things together a lot, but this time I just didn't believe it was there at all.


Heh, yeah. I do think I'm getting used to the way Danish gets dropped and slurred, but it's definitely taken a while.


That's the way the danes are speaking. Better get used to.


Danes when do you use spurgte, and when do you use bad?


both bede and spørg mean to ask but bade is for a prayer, a request. Spørge is asking for informations, advice etc.


Why is he asked me not, not a correct answer


Is there a way to distinguish between "he did not ask me" (that day) and "he has not asked me" (ever) in Danish or is that by context?

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