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Unable to make new assignments for my students

Hi, I just tried to create a new assignment for my students, but it seems that will be more difficult than I first thought. I'm able to choose between the different assignemnts (points or goal), but that's as far as Duolingo will take me. I can not choose a due date or points/goal. Any tips on how to get past this obstacle? Thank you in advance for all the help!

January 7, 2016



I am unable to do this as well! Someone please help!


Hello! Can you please give us more information? What browser are you using? Does your classroom have students in it, and have you chosen a language course for the classroom (meaning, are all the students learning the same language, like for example Spanish from English?)? Please let us know. I am moving this discussion to the Educator's forum so that we can help more teachers with this issue.


I'm using Spanish and chrome. I have tried to make assignments on a Mac and HP computers. Please help!

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