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"Onlar bugün okula gitmediler."

Translation:They did not go to school today.

January 7, 2016



Couldn't we omit the 2nd 'ler' in this case? 'Onlar bugün okula gitmedi.'


I guess that's allowed as long as plurality is clear from the subject "onlar".


No we couldn't This is correct when u use gitmadi: 'O bugün okula gitmedi'


Why "they have not gone to school today" is wrong?


When you have a time expression n the past tense, you almost always use the simple past tense in English :)


Sorry but it is still today (not past) and the use of present perfect tense with 'today' is correct . . e.g. I haven't eaten anything today. Have you seen her today? They haven't studied English today....


Present perfect allows "wider" timespan which is shown in your examples. I haven't seen her today it means that a whole (or half, doesn't matter) day has passed, and you still haven't seen her.

But in the sentence above, They didn't go to school today, the action of going to school happens at a fixed daytime, and it is a one-time action. This makes it a perfect match for Past Simple.


when do we put "di" first and when do we put it last?? i.e, when do we say "gitmediler" and when do we say "gitmelerdi" ??


That's also my question. There was given the example "Çocuklar dün parkta deĝillerdi" and I thought that it must be "deĝildiler". Perhaps it is another rule for using deĝil. I don't know


In terms of when you are using a real verb in Turkish (things like gitmek, okumak, etc.) you will always see the order as "-diler/dılar". When you attach it to things like nouns and adverbs, things can a bit more flexible :)


Degildiler means they weren't there


96DVHT grubumuza buyrun


I wrote( I didn't) . It gave me a wrong answer


I meant (they didn't)


Burada "to the school" olarak kullanım yapılmaması neden? Yani "the" neden kullanılmamış. Bunu tam olarak anlayamadım.




"Onlar bugün okula gitmediler." Translation: They did not go to school today.

Burada "to the school" olarak kullanım yapılmaması neden? Yani "the" neden kullanılmamış. Bunu tam olarak anlayamadım.

Okul - school - (noun)

Okul + "-a" dative case noun suffix meaning "to" school not "the" school.

"The school was closed today" - Bugün okul kapanmış. Çocuklar okula gitmediler. - "The children did not go to school."

Do you understand it now? Şimdi anladım mı?

Lütfen, hata yapdıysam duzelt.

Thank you

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