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"Rozmawiamy o Wszechświecie podczas lekcji."

Translation:We are talking about the Universe during the lesson.

January 7, 2016



Wszechswiat is just a great word :)


My Polish wife says that in this case lekcja takes the same form in singular as in plural, which would mean that '...in lessons' should be accepted as well.


Your wife is totally right (aren't they always?), added plural options.


Why is it capitalized (in each langauage?)


I think it's treated kind of like a geography word, also we do only know one Universe, so that make sense to capitalize it... to me, at least.


Would we are are discussing the universe work ?


OK, added "discussing" now.


Why not "We are taking about the universe during class" ?


It seems that this small typo (missing L in 'talking') made the program reject your answer. We don't control what is accepted 'with a typo' and what is rejected.


Typos which make another real, but wrong, word are counted as errors, I believe.


Could the "our" be implied here, as in "We are talking about the Universe in our lesson" since the subject is "we"?


It seems possible, I guess... added.

Would the students actually talk about 'our lesson', though? 'Cause the contexts in which I imagine this being said are rather rare, but maybe I'm just not aware that it's more common.


is this locative and genitive case?


Yes, and yes :)


May I use "lecture" instead of "lesson"?


No, lectures (wykłady) are rather at university and lessons (at least Polish "lekcje") at school.


Why do you suggest The Present Continuous Tense? They may talk about the Universe every day. So, I prepare using in the sentence: We TALK... during a lecture


They may, and "lekcji" can even be plural. "We talk" works. It's the "lecture" part that is wrong, because that's "wykład" ("podczas wykładu").


Hmm... "we are discussing the universe during the lesson" was not accepted?


A lecture should work here. It's pretty much a class.


I have never seen the word lesson used to signify the interval of time spent with a teacher and a group of pupils. It's either a class (school) or a lecture (university/college). Class can also pertain to adult education in professional or specialized environments outside of college. The only place I have ever seen "lesson" used is in books, or in curricula documentation, describing a unit of content, and thus awkward to juxtapose with notions of time, unless we are talking about indeterminate time, like in "During their lessons the teacher and his student developed a lasting friendship". Having read how a lecture at university is not "lekcja", I would suggest that the correct translation of "lekcja" is "class", not lesson.


I think that the given English sentence is OK from my POV (Brit Eng).

That said, it seems to me to be something that the teacher would be more likely to say rather than the students/pupils (and, moreover, the future tense would be more likely).


Could you accept "in the lesson" ? I know podczas means during but in the UK we would usually say in not during


"in the lesson" is already accepted. If you made some error in your typing, the default "correct" answer uses "during the lesson", but that does not mean that "in the lesson" is considered to be wrong.


Thanks, as you say i must have made a typo.

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