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"They visit the farm on Tuesday."

Translation:One odwiedzają farmę we wtorek.

January 7, 2016



Is it acceptable to say "We wtorek one odwiedzają farmę"?


but duolingo doesn't accept that word order as a valid answer to this question.


That sentence says 'what happens on Tuesday', not 'when do they visit the farm'.


That makes sense, thanks!


My answer was: "We wtorek one odwiedzają farmę." I remember previous lessons, where i started a sentence with the time (day/month). Is that also correct here???


Jellei: "That sentence says 'what happens on Tuesday', not 'when do they visit the farm'."

Ok, but i think the sentence has an other meaning, when i say it with another emphasis!?


The English sentence can answer either question. I agree that in other exercises the preferred word order for the Polish version has had the sentence adverbial first, even when the most natural English translation would put it later. Why is this one different?

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