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  5. "She is visiting this pupil."

"She is visiting this pupil."

Translation:Ona odwiedza tego ucznia.

January 7, 2016



Since the English is ungendered, the Polish should recognise uczeń and uczennica, no?


yes, you can say 'tego ucznia' or 'tę uczennicę'.


am i right? ucznia = genitiv, uczennicę = accusativ


No, both are accusative. The difference is that uczeń = male pupil, uczennica = female pupil.


man= accusativ= genitiv


yes accusative=genitive is for all men, and for all masculine nouns that are "animated"- mostly people and animals, but sometimes random things also get in that category ( often food and technology- tomato, banana, facebook)

also -a ending masculine nouns have different genitive and accusative, but if they are animated they have accusative=genitive adjectives/possesive pronouns

if masculine noun is not animated it has accusative=nominative.

this is important because declension table will give you either B=M/D or ładny/ładnego; to/tego and you have to choose which pronoun/adjective to use.

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