"Jesteś ciekawą kobietą."

Translation:You are an interesting woman.

January 7, 2016

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Dziękuję, Duolingo ;-)


What would the ending of ciekawą be for an interesting man? Would it be ciekawy?


Jesteś ciekawym mężczyzną


I learned "ciekawy" to mean"curious" a while back, and it worked here as well. But in English "curious" in this usage may have the connotation of "weird" or perhaps "mysterious" (or the other connotation of inquisitive). In Polish, is there a similar connotation, as opposed to "interesujący" or are they synonyms?


I don't really see much of a difference between them. Maaaybe there's a slight possibility of implying "weird" in "ciekawy", but it's slight.


OK, got it. Thanks for the feedback, as always!


Whats tge difference between ciekawe and ciekawą


On jest ciekawym rozwiązaniem


Can kobieta be translated as lady? Woman and lady are often interchangeable in english


Well, generally "lady" (in such a meaning) translates to "pani", however the idea of "Jesteś ciekawą panią" sounds very strange to me, while "You are an interesting lady" seems natural... I will add it here, but I'd advise you to stick to "woman" in translations :)


Thanks for your explanations. Always so helpful.


It is hard to seperate this from Jesteście kawą kabietą

How do you you say coffe drinking women?


Well, it would have been problematic if 'Jesteście kawą kobietą' was a grammatically correct sentence that had some kind of meaning, but I'm afraid that this is not the case.

There is a colloquial word for people who like to drink a lot of coffee - kawosz. So, to that person you'd say: Jesteś kawoszem. Technically, a femininie counterpart also exists (kawoszka), but it's very rare and possibly even more colloquial than kawosz.

In case you meant that the woman is drinking coffee right now, or does it in general without referring to the quantity: kobieta pijąca kawę / kobieta, która pije kawę

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