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WHAT happened to my streak?

I did some lessons within 24 hours, so my streak should be 87 days now, but it is 0. I did change my time zone though, as I am travelling, but there is no way duolingo could automatically know it ????

December 15, 2013



Your original time zone is the time zone we use for the streak too. You can't currently change that. I'll take a look at your account and see what I can do.


There seems to be inconsistencies with regards to timezones and the streak. I'm currently in Spain for a few days, +1 from my original time zone. If I practice at 12:30am UTC+1, the coins get allocated to the previous day (e.g. Monday), but the streak count increases for the next day (in this case Tuesday).

I have the opposite problem of annoyingorange. At one point my record showed I did no Spanish for one day, but the streak is still present. It seems to also depend on my local clock (I just updated it, and the coins appear to have changed).


I haven't had any problems with streaks, but I notice that at least until 02:00 (maybe even later, haven't checked that yet), xp gets assigned to the previous day. At least, I can't do two days of a streak by doing one practice/skill at 07:00 in the morning and then late in the evening some more at 00:30. I'm in the UTC+1 time zone and haven't been outside my home time zone yet since I signed up. So it seems you're not telling the whole story.


Looks like the switch happens at 05:00 for me. Except for the leaderboard, which seems to switch a few hours earlier. In the night from Sunday to Monday, I managed to get XP booked on the next week on the leaderboard (i.e., it was counted for Monday), but which did not yet get me an extra day on my streak (i.e., there it was counted for Sunday).


:( nothing so far. Weekly exercise tab also shows that I have done something every day.


this has been driving me crazy :P i do hope they change it soon, i get that its sorta cheating but i do all my practice late at night and i've lost my 10 day streak twice now because my inbox directs my reminders to the junk mail and i get on after midnight :P i wish it was just 24 hours after your last updated streak day :P


Drat. I just lost my double or nothing bet because of this, that's pretty trivial, but still annoying. My home Hawaii is UTC-10. I'm currently in UTC+2 so it's completely out of whack.

Further I can't even tell what my home time zone is. I easily may have signed up while away from home and now can't even figure out what my home time zone for DL really is.

This is really frustrating. Obviously DuoLingo users change time zones frequently hope this gets fixed.


Lost my 208 day streak today I didn't miss a day yesterday and had streak protection can this be restored please?

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