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German flashcards NEED the gender!

Remembering the gender of German nouns is by far the most difficult part for me. I was hoping the "words" flashcards would include the gender, but they don't =(

January 7, 2016



I agree, but while we are waiting for Duo to get round to this, why not use the excellent Memrise flashcards produced by the Duo user "bakpao".


Those cards are based on the skills in the Duo German course, and I found them a fantastic help in completing my tree.


Thanks for that. However for the latest tree update, @rawrdinosaur pretty much did all of the new words. I also find the audio, which was done by @prunc, to be better than Duolingo's. Best of all, it's free like Duolingo!


Thanks! This looks pretty neat. Now if only I could tie it into Duolingo so it knows which words I've already learned.


I study this course too on Memrise and I find it really useful, it helps you remember all the genders and the vocabulary


Thank you for sharing this - I've just started to use it and find it a great help!


Unfortunately we have no access to editing these flashcards =( You are right that articles are definitely missing.


I use Memrise to drill the genders into my head


I do agree with you about the difficulty in remembering the gender of the names.There are some rules, though. Normally the names ending in ung and schaft are feminine : Die Errinerung, Die Landschaft. The names of metals are in general neutral : Das Metall,Das Gold, das Eisen, aber there are some exceptions such as Der Steel, Die Bronze.. The namen ending in chaen and lein are neutral: Das Maedchen, das Tischlein, die names ending in in are feminine such as. Die Studentin, Die Kellnerin etc.. I don't have a German keyboard. Anyway we have to memorize the genres. It's one of the many difficulties of German. I wish you all the best


je confirme il manque vraiment les genres devant les mots ce qui est le plus dur à retenir...


Memrise is a great complement, have tou tried it?


Not only that, but duolingos's English translation is awful and not always correct.


I do agree with you. I tried of no use to follow some German rules, yet there are so many exceptions. Therefore, good memory is needed.


agreed!! makes so much sense to, and one year later still no gender. and any noun in the lesson should, too, when you wave the cursor over it.


Completely agree. Noun flashcards without gender don't make much sense.

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