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"The doctor said, "you can drink three cups of coffee every day"."

Translation:Doktor "her gün üç fincan kahve içebilirsin" dedi.

January 7, 2016



Is this not correct? Doktor dedi ki "her gün üç fincan kahve içebilirsin".


It is a common way to say in Turkey, people will understand you. But, I think it should be "Doktor dedi ki, her gün üç fincan kahve içebilirim."


Ah, so is "doktor dedi ki [...]" "the doctor said that", and "doktor [...] dedi" "the doctor said"?


You can translate "The doctor said that I can drink coffee." into "Doktor kahve içebileceğimi söyledi.". As a native speaker, if you were me, you could say both of them, "doktor dedi ki, kahve içebilirim" and "doktor dedi ki "kahve içebilirsin". Anybody can understand what you say. Just i think "Doktor dedi ki, kahve içebilirim" sounds like more natural to me. Both of them are common. You can use whatever you want.


Hmm, so my original answer "Doktor dedi ki "her gün üç fincan kahve içebilirsin"." should be accepted.

Açıklamana için teşekkürler! (Is this correct?)


I think it can be accepted, but I am not sure.

And, not "açıklamana" :) It must be "Açıklaman için teşekkürler!" :)


Ie. the difference between "The doctor said "you can drink three cups of coffee every day"" and "The doctor said that I can drink three cups of coffee every day"?


doktor dedi ki "her gün üç fincan kahve içebilirsin"

what's wrong with this?


Doktor dediki , sen günde üç fincan kahve içebilirsin bu cevap doğru olmalıydı


Your translation would be "you can drink three cups of coffe per day"


Does ‘her gün’ need to be at the beginning of the (quoted) sentence? ‘Üç fincan kahve her gün içebilirsin’ was rejected.


Every sentence that has a quote gets marked wrong. Please fix this function


Why is 'üc tane fincan' wrong?

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