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"Links von ihm steht ein weiterer Berg."

Translation:Left of him is another mountain.

January 13, 2013



Would "left of it..." be OK?


It does seem to me that "left of it" would be okay in some circumstances. Suppose the context was such that they were talking about a mountain (masculine noun) and the sentence was saying that left of that mountain stands a further mountain. In English, we would then say "left of it", but in German wouldn't they say "Links von ihm..."? I'm really not sure, and I would welcome help on this.


Wouldn't "Left from him" be correct too?


not really. 'To his left' or 'on his left' are much better


As a native English speaker (with a degree in English), "Left from him" sound perfectly acceptable, if giving directions.


Sorry, I am only a native English speaker, educated in French, with a degree in Linguistics :P


I agree .. Left from him...is correct i believe


As a native English speaker I would say "from him" or "of him". You want the listener to take the point of view of the man and from that position see the mountain. "Left from him is another mountain". You want the listener to look to the left of the man. "Left of him is another mountain." Von translates as "of or from" so I figure either "of or from" should work as an english translation. In English direction is more exact if it is from or to something, degrees or a cardinal direction . The mountain is a fixed direction from the man. Most people are not exact when giving direction and do not understand this concept. "Turn left" is east if you are going south and west if you are going north.


weiterer means another?


Ok, I get it, "ein weiterer" does. Nice to know.


Ugh I still don't get when to use ihn or ihm.

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@luciohdf : I'm using ihn with accusative to mean 'him', and ihm with dative to mean 'with him' or 'to him', etc.
Check this out also: http://canoo.net/inflection/er:Pron:Personal:3rd:SG:M


Why can't I use further here?


This is not something you would say in English. It would be more correct to say: "To the left of him, there is a another mountain"

You can ignore the "there", but left of him does not sound correct.


Why not stands another castle?


I think you're probably thinking of Burg, not Berg, which only means mountain or hill.


"Another mountain is on his left"? why can't this be right?


Why do we use "links" here instead of "linken"?]

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