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  5. "Ten pan już tu nie pracuje."

"Ten pan już tu nie pracuje."

Translation:This gentleman does not work here anymore.

January 7, 2016



Could one write "...tu już..."?


yes both are be fine (and natural) with very small change in meaning.


The yet and any more air is illogical but then ne cannot expect logic in any ethnic language. You have to choose a created language for logic


Why 'Ten pan tu już nie pracuje' is wrong? Tu-już and już-tu seems equal.


Am I right in thinking that już can mean both yet and anymore? These are opposite meanings, and I am confused. Halp!


Yes. Well, I'd say that it's 'already' or 'anymore'. But I believe, that 'yet' works very similar.

Anyway, 'już' means 'already' in a positive sentence' and 'anymore' (not anymore) in a negative one.


no longer works here, as I wrote, is identical to does not work here anymore.


Yes, it is accepted.


Hm! Duo accepted "This man doesn't work here any more" but said I "have an extra space" in 'any more'.

At https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12730282 we earlier agreed that 'any more' (as opposed to the US English 'anymore') is correct in the UK and should be included as an incubator option...


Added "any more".


I still do not see why it wants gentleman instead of man, when it is merely another word for 'man'. If you try to twist the learner's language to fit the new language it might suit your lesson, but untwists immediately in the learner's mind and twists the new language. And since the learner's language is much more advanced, it twists the new language in ways unimagined by the teacher. Teach the new language in the new language.


Very illogical word order. Looks like ' this man already here no works.' I know it means 'this man no longer works here, 'or 'this man doesn't work here anymore.' I also realise that juz nie is 'no longer' in some textbooks but ' not anymore 'in others.


Why being different from English means a language is illogical?


=:-). You have to do mind acrobatics to get it.

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