Connection error, always @ specific problem (JP-EN lesson, Android)

Hi Dev-s/QA.

My JP-EN lesson always causes error when sending answer to the following problem: Translate the sentence: I like my mother so much. (JP input expected) Regardless to my input, I get an error message along the lines of "Couldn't connect to Duolingo, check your connection etc......", and it's never possible to go forward with the lesson. Does not happen on web, though. Client: Sony Experia, Android 4.1.1

Hope this helps. M.

January 7, 2016


Thanks for reporting this. It seems like a EN<JA Android specific bug. I forwarded this to the developer in charge of this.

January 11, 2016

This has been fixed. Let us know if you still have this issue. Thanks for your patience.

January 13, 2016