"Mężczyzna je w restauracji."

Translation:The man is eating at the restaurant.

January 7, 2016

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Is there any way to add emphasis, to indicate the man is eating in the restaurant, instead of outside of it, on a patio out front?


Only by saying 'mężczyzna je wewnątrz (inside) restaurcji' - with the original sentence there is not much you can do.


I think that putting an accent on "w restauracji" would be enough


Does the first word sound more like "Nażczyzna" to anybody else?


Seems fine to me.

On the other hand, the first "r" from "restauracji" seems to be... missing?


Hmmm. Maybe it depends on network speed, or something else entirely.......


I can hear it, after a few tries, but now I'm not sure if it's because I know it should be there or if it's because it really is...


What is the difference between "Mężczyzna je w restauracji." and "W restauracji mężczyzna je"?


The first is natural and the second one looks like you tried experimenting with the word order ;) Yes, technically it's a correct sentence, but it means the same as "At the restaurant the man is eating" (answers "What is the man doing at the restaurant?").

Generally in Polish you put the new, most important piece of information at the end of the sentence - so your second sentence says that the eating part is the new info. Which for a restaurant doesn't really look like something 'new' ;)

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