"Do animals have emotions?"

Translation:Czy zwierzęta mają uczucia?

January 7, 2016

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Dlaczego nie moge napisac "czy maja zwierzeta uczucia"?


To nie brzmi naturalnie. Taka kolejność słów pasowałaby tylko w poezji.


A może "Czy zwierzęta mają emocje"?


To też jest akceptowana odpowiedź.


Dlaczego nie przeszło: "Czy zwierzęta posiadają uczucia"? Mieć = posiadać


'posiadać' jest trochę konkretniejsze, ale ok, dodałem.


Czemu sie mowi uczucia a nie uczucie?:)


"Uczucia" is plural. "Uczucie" is singular.


Of course they do!


What's wrong with "Mają zwierzęta uczucia?"


That's English word order. Polish does not have subject-verb inversion in questions.


Interesting. I'm trying to think how I have gotten this far without absorbing that fact. If "zwierzęta" were clear from the surrounding context, one could just say "Mają uczucia?", right? I think my trouble must be that when I hear questions worded like that, I imagine the implied subject noun coming after the noun instead of before it. In cases like this where one could use "Czy..." but omits it, is there really nothing other than the question mark and voice intonation to signal that it's a question?


The question mark and voice intonation are enough to signal that it's a question. Whether or not you start with "Czy", that doesn't change anything else, there will be no inversion.

"Mają uczucia?" = "[Oni/One] mają uczucia?" = "Czy [oni/one] mają uczucia?". Putting the subject after the verb (apart from Formal You pronouns and maybe some other exception that I can't think of) doesn't really work outside of poetry.


What is the exception involving formal you pronouns you're referring to?


It's mostly for questions. If we ask let's say "Do you have a dog?", then it's "Masz psa?" (singular) or "Macie psa?" (plural), but it can also be "Czy [ty masz/wy macie] psa?". The pronoun, if it's there, is before the verb.

If you ask this while addressing someone formally, the subject pronoun feels more natural after the verb: "Czy ma [pan/pani] psa?" (Do you have a dog, [sir/ma'am]?). But there's nothing wrong with "Czy [pan/pani] ma psa?". I think the nuance may be a bit different but it's hard to define it. Maybe "Czy [pan/pani] ma psa?" sounds a bit as if I was suspecting that they do.


Jellei, many thanks for that bit of clarification. I had been aware that one can use the formal you that way in questions, but unaware that it was a non-generalizable exception. That was at least part of the source of my confusion that started this thread.

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