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  5. "Why does nobody love me?"

"Why does nobody love me?"

Translation:Dlaczego nikt mnie nie kocha?

January 7, 2016



Kochamy cię Duolingo ♡


If word order is more fluid in polish, why can I not say "Dlaczego nikt nie mnie kocha"?


Polish word order is not 100% fluid , and one of the rules in not to separate "nie" from verb


Thanks! I didn't realize that we should not separate "nie" from the verb.


To be specific- you can use "nie" in other places, but then it means negation of that particular word Dlaczego on nie kocha mnie - why he doesnt love me Dlaczego on kocha ją, nie mnie, why he loves her, not me


I wrote "dlaczego nikt nie kocha mnie". Is this wrong because I am not supposed to put mnie at the end of the sentence?


It puts such a strong emphasis on 'mnie' that it just seems too strange to me...


For me it is ok.


I think that it is so strange in Polish. Its so acceptable in English to place the word 'me' at the end


....is the emphasis not on the word 'mnie' in this sentence anyway, in other words, ad one might say in English, "The operative word being "me"! Just dont get it, and its putting me off my learning!


With mnie at the end I think it's as if you're crying like a teenager. "Why does everyone have someone, BUT I DON'T. EVERYONE HATES ME!"

I think...

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