"Why do they trust you?"

Translation:Dlaczego one tobie ufają?

January 7, 2016

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Dlaczego oni ufają tobie? Też powinno być dopuszczalne


Why do they trust you? Can I have "Dlaczego one ufają tobie?" or is this incorrect word order? Dzięki.


It's not incorrect per se, but we avoid putting pronouns at the end if only there's another place for them.


Teraz pamiętam! Dzięki.


Is it so wrong that it has to be rejected, even if it's the accented form?


Well, it's a rule that has been present in this course for years.

As long as this sentence is just "Why do they trust you?" and not "Why do they trust you, although they don't trust me?", we wouldn't accept "tobie" here at all, we see no reason to use it.


I understand what you mean, I usually would use "ci" here, too. But "tobie" is not only accepted, it is the translation that is suggested here on the top. And "ci" wasn't among the offered words, so I had to choose "tobie". I put it at the end of the sentence because I thought it would make sense with the accented form.


Oh wait, it is... Well, I certainly don't think it's a good sentence.

In that case, I will add the word order you're asking for, but we really need to think it through what to do with the sentences currently used for "tobie"...


These phrases backwards still get me. Literally in English it's, why do they you trust.


Are "Dlaczego tobie ufają" and "Dlaczego ufają tobie" the same?


Why tobie and not cię?


Because, if I am correct, ufają is one of the verbs that requires dative. If you don't know what that means, a noun has to be changed to its dative form when it follows verbs that require 'to' or 'for' in English. (eg. Buy something for me = Kup mi cos, where 'mi' is dative.)

A better translation of ufać would therefore not be "to trust somebody", but "to give your trust to somebody".

Hope I did a good job of explaining it, and if I'm wrong someone please correct me!


This is an excellent explanation - thank you.


Dlaczego ci zaufać?


It would mean "Why shoud I trust you?". But it's better to say: "Dlaczego mam/miałbym ci zaufać?"


Dlaczego wieżą tobie


that would be "Dlaczego wierzą tobie?", or more often "dlaczego ci/ tobie wierzą?"

And that would mean "why do they believe you?


Why is "one" required since the format of the verb specifies either "one" or "oni" and there is no implied information as to the gender composition of "them."


It is not required, you can use "oni" or omit it. But the only starred answer has "one", so if you made any mistake (a typo, even) then the algorithm corrected you to that one starred answer.


Ok, ufać needs dative. But why do we use tobie and not ci (which are both dative forms of ty, as far as I know)? I thought, that the longer form is only used after prepositions. So following that logic, ci would be the option of choice, as there is no preposition preceding the object here. I guess I missed something...


No, you're actually right, or rather almost right. The longer form is not only used after prepositions, but also to show emphasis, contrast. When writing this sentence, the authors made a mistake, because there's really no reason to use "tobie" over "ci". I'll see if I can substitute this sentence with something correct.

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